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[sticky post] Welcome to gonindeiru 2.0!

UPDATED: 01 January 2018. See log here.

Welcome to the new and improved gonindeiru! Updates include a more user-friendly layout, a post for Guest Appearances/Performances, and updated sections. We are always open to your suggestions for improvement!

gonindeiru is an Arashi (English) Subbed Videos index for Arashi videos aired/released in Japan from 2013 onwards. It is  The username is from the lyric in 5x10. Like Arashi, the makers of this index hope this will be forever here :)

Since it seems most Arashi index-type blogs haven’t been updated for a few years, we decided to make an index for
recent videos. We’ll try to update this as frequently as we can. If you see a video that’s been subbed but isn't listed here, feel free to leave a comment or send a PM.

Please note that this is AN INDEX. It is A COMPILED LIST OF SUBBED VIDEOS. We are not a subbing community, we do not maintain any subbing communities, and WE DO NOT HAVE THE POWER TO GRANT YOU ACCESS TO THE LISTED SUBS. You must go to each subbing community page and apply to each community separately. Again, WE DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO GRANT ACCESS TO LOCKED ENTRIES. If you are a new fan or are new to LiveJournal, here a is a useful tutorial by winkychan to help you out.

Just a some disclaimers:

  • This index is for recent (i.e. 2013 onwards) subbed videos only. Raw videos will not be listed here. For links to Arashi's older videos, you can visit we_make_storm (subbed video index) or arashic_index (index for all videos, even raw ones).

  • Episodes with a Locked Icon (🔒) means it belongs to a community you have to apply to gain access to. This index cannot help you gain access in any way, shape, or form. Some sub communities are closed to membership now, but this blog can't help you. Its only function is as an index.

  • We have done our best to check each subbing community posted here regarding their rules on sharing their comm name. For communities whose rules expressly state they may not be named (even by an acronym) outside the community, videos they have subbed have not been linked. We cannot help you look for the community, but you can try looking through posts on arashi_on so you have an idea of where to begin. If you are a subber and you want your name/link taken down or changed, please send this account a PM so we can take them down. We don't want to ruffle any feathers, but since there are so many subbing comms, we may have overlooked or misunderstood which types of links you don't allow.

  • Because not all episodes necessarily coincide with the episode number cited in the posts, all episodes are listed by date instead of by number. Please check what you’re downloading before you download it, and leave a comment or PM in case something isn’t linked correctly.

  • Guides are based on these (many thanks to all of you!)